Podcast Producer

Short term freelance podcasts producer x2
Deadline: Friday 26th October 2018

About Platoon

We live to create. We live for the creatives.

Platoon is a platform for fearless creatives.  Founded by veteran entrepreneurs from the creative and tech industries, our mission is to discover the very best emerging talent (musicians, artists, writers, filmmakers, designers) and provide them with the platform to create, distribute and commercialise exceptional creative work.

About the role

We’re on a new adventure and are setting up ‘Platoon Podcasts’. We’d like to provide artists with an opportunity to connect with an audience in their own words.

We are looking for an imaginative and creative freelance podcast producer to work on a 10-12 episode conversational podcast (more details will be provided at interview). Recording will begin in November at our Tileyard Studio near Kings Cross, London. You’ll be working alongside a team of creatives including an Audio Lead, Presenter, Content Specialist and Studio Technician.

Skills as outlined below

  • Tools of the Trade:

  • To schedule and develop new podcast episodes

  • Record audio to a high standard and set up work station unassisted

  • Edit and add an element of sound design to podcast episodes — finessing material with imaginative use of sound effects and music

  • Exercise sound editorial judgement

  • Manage a small podcast budget

  • Take the initiative and generate additional short form or social media content that will drive audience to the podcast

  • Effectively promote and cross promote a podcast show

What you will do as part of our team

  • Skill

    • You will need to be imaginative and creative as a producer and demonstrate that you are an expert in the podcast field.

    • You will need an excellent track record as an experienced and self-sufficient producer of podcasts and display strong programme-making skills and complete grasp of the medium. This job will not be suitable for people who have ONLY produced live radio but those skills would be welcome in addition to hands-on podcast making experience.

  • Awareness and Interest

    • You must also demonstrate knowledge of our music output but equally important is a varied range of influences and interests and curiosity in human behaviour, social media and the digital landscape.

    • In-depth awareness of the commercial field of podcasting in the UK and internationally and a clear grasp of the unique platforms, aggregators, commissioners, business models (including advertising), trends and analytics of the medium is essential.

    • You will have an up-to-date understanding of diverse audiences.

    • Knowledge of legal restrictions is desirable.

  • Attitude

    • You will need enthusiasm, freshness of thought and a flexible attitude to working across a range of output, styles and tone.

    • You’ll need to be collaborative, working closely with our in-house podcast/ audio consultant to establish Platoon’s podcast catalogue.

What you can expect from your new teammates:

  • A deep focus on and passion for the individuals that we work with

  • Strong conviction that the talent we work with will build exceptional global careers and businesses

  • A real love and enthusiasm for discovering talent and providing them with the tools to grow

  • A family - for artists, partners, teammates and stakeholders

We try and maintain a strong and open culture.  These are some of our core values:

Exceptionally Creative - in everything we do and the individuals we work with

Think Big - We’re crazy ambitious so we’re always thinking as big as we can.  Bigger thinking leads to bigger challenges which leads to working with artists at the top of their game.

Be Curious. Peel things apart. Sniff and prod and poke. Tug at the loose bits and chew on the fat. Look for better ways of doing everything. Mission = Possible.

Move your body, your mind and your boundaries. Look after the bones that house you. Go hiking, do some yoga, take a swim. Always keep the blood pumping. Move your mind as much as you possibly can. Reimagine, reinvent, rethink everything.  Always move your limits. Relentlessly push yourself, scale the mountains and set fire to the comfort zone

Play the long game. Play with friends and family and laugh as much  as you possibly can, even when the sky is falling down. Play with ideas. Play with possibilities.

Just say No. Walk away from the things that don’t serve you or you don’t believe in. Be precious with your time and energy. Give your knowledge to those who are ready for it. Know your worth

Chocolate & Tequila - are two things that can fix almost anything.  Drink well and always with friends

Sound good? Apply below: